Thomwren Savannah Queens
F2 and F3
On this page are our up and coming F2 and F3
Savannah ladies that are just  breeding age or will be soon.

Watch for announcements of their upcoming litters.
Meet Demdar Kadiz , she is an F2 Savannah lady.  A beautiful girl bred by
Kristin at Demdar Cattery.   She came to us from Kadiz cattery owned by Helen
M.  She adores her Dad and co-owner Jim, me not so much.  Her babies are
incredible and highly sought after.

DOB 05-14-04
This is Thomwren's Little Rikki  an F3B and one of my favorite girls.  She gives
kisses, will step in and foster any baby who needs it, well maybe even if they
don't.  In the picture on the right she jumped into the nest of Tuki just to make
sure the kittens were getting perfect care, lol.  Of course they were but Tuki
didn't seem to mind.

DOB 09-19-07
Meet KiangaSavannahs Xena of Thomwren

An incredibly sweet natured F2 girl that is a wonderful mom